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“Poise Ideas begins with information. We ask ourselves, what do we know about the brand? About the people who might want it? What are their dreams and aspirations? How would the brand relates with their lives? To get answers, our art directors and copy writer seat and talk with the client- the account group and their consumer researchers: people who have lived with the brand for months, even years, and have insight into who might want to buy it and why. Once we have the information, we begin to brain storm. You are welcome to PoiseMedia Communications Limited.”


At PoiseMedia Communications, our thought and Tools are structured to building Bully Brands. “Building” that makes your brand grow Faster, Stronger and with Intimidation. “Bully Brands” that will make your competition look weaker, making you the market choice. One thing we know at PoiseMedia is …”When you are passionate about your work, what you do is never good enough, NEVER.” So this make us push towards excellence as we are passionate about what we do.


At PoiseMedia Communications, we don’t make empty promises; we always deliver on our promises. One of the promises we make to our Clients is that, with PoiseMedia, Your brand will…

Share a vision, Follow a strategy that will maximize your brand potential, Address unmet needs, Build on your strength, Outsmart competition, Gather momentum, Increase product revenues, Own the market, Shift position, Stay in position and Exceed expectations. So far…we have delivered on our promises.  At PoiseMedia, we are not claiming to be perfect, we bear in mind that “If you don’t fail every once in a while, you’re not trying hard enough.”  We always stay focused on the goal and making sure we are on point.  We are passionately involved with all the brands we work with, so we know that “Except you love the brand, you can’t sell the product”.


Check out the list of what we do on “Our Services” link. We will love to work with you, give us a call today or send us an email, our contact is on “Contact Us” page. You can also see Clients we have worked with on “Our Clients” page or see our portfolio.  If you need to know more about how to plan your advertising campaign or needs idea for your next campaign, read “Our Blog” for more ideas.

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