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Fresh Tips on Advertising in Nigeria For 2011

Fresh Tips on Advertising in Nigeria For 2011

I know that right now people are looking for fresh advertising tips in this New Year. Some people didn’t get their advertising campaign right last year, however this year is another year to try again, and that is why I’m writing on fresh advertising tips for the New Year. Nigerian companies are just settling down and there is not much activities going on yet, but people are putting together their media plan for the year. Before you conclude on your media plan for the year, here are few tips that should help you decide on which media to use and not to use for your advertising campaign.


Advertising decisions should be based on research:

Many businesses place advertising without a clear cut out plan, this is why adverts that don’t work are considered as the most expensive! And this can be reduced by proper planning. So before placing your advert on TV, radio, newspaper or outdoor billboard, do a proper research on the best way to reach your target audience.


A detail marketing plan should be developed:

It is best to negotiate details and specials in advance of placing your own advertising. A good marketing plan and research will help you identify and target your best audiences. A good marketing plan and strategies would also help you determine if a particular media or media provider is right for you.


An advertising calendar should be planned in advance:

Your advertising calendar should be planned several months in advance to enhance creativity and a professional touch. Figure out a particular day in your calendar to determine when to reach out to your target audience. If you are having problem drawing out a media calendar, contact victor or Poise Media for support.


Advertising copies and ads should be tested:

Trying and testing your ad copies is not a bad idea because as a result of trial and error, helps set a baseline as to the best response rates for your ads and copy. Finding out what works best for you keeps you in the right course.


Professionals should be involved:

You can lose a lot of money while trying to act as your own expert. You will need to concentrate your time and efforts in areas of your business that you are proficient in. agencies are experts, they have charge for their time and experience and have one goal in mind: to get the best results for their client in order to keep those clients. Contact us or any local agencies around you for professional advice.


Use creative briefs:

A creative brief is a summary of all the factors that will affect your advertising from your company’s current business situation, your competitive situation, through your targeted audiences’ characteristics and buying habits. You will save on wasted creative designs by using a creative brief.


The Agency involved should be provided with as much information as possible:

In order to write the most persuasive copy and to design the most effective ads, it is important for your agency to know what has worked in the past and what has not. Using information from previously successful ads could help in giving consistency from printed collateral.


Focus should be on target audience:

Speak in your audience’s language and in a way that they can understand. Big words and words that are not easily understood should be avoided. The stereotype of the target audience should also be put into consideration. Like Starcomms Nigeria will say in their slogan ‘we speak your language’.


If you are considering advertising in Nigerian, remember to contact Victor for the best rates you can get. Good luck in your advertising campaign.


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