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- How is the traffic in the location?Do you have a lot of people seeing your billboard or just few? If your billboard is in a secluded area and there are very few people passing the location, then your billboard might attract less audience.

- Do you have the right set of people seeing your billboard?Surely you don’t want the wrong crowd seeing your billboard. For example; if your brand is a premium brand and your targeted audience are the rich and classy, positioning your billboard in the ghetto will be a folly.

- Is the location violating Government Policy? The location of your billboard should not be too close to the road. Although this depends so much on the type of billboard you are choosing. For example, the positioning of a 48sheet billboard and a unipole billboard will be different because of their size difference. Thus while a 48sheet billboard should not be too far from the road, it should not also be on a highway on which cars are running at a 120km per hour. So a unipole billboard will do fine there. On the other hand the unipole billboard should not be too close to the high way, because if it is too close to the road, your billboard might be violating a government policy and can therefore be demolished and this does not speak well of your brand.
(Size and distance are relative. All these principle differs depending on the size of billboard, you will need the service of an expert to help in selecting a good location and to do proper investigation to be sure your billboard is not violating government policy)

- How neat is the Billboard?As much as this might look like an insignificant question to ask, you should also know that, you are selling a brand, and everything on that billboard represent your brand. Most outdoor companies in Nigeria do not maintain their billboards. A good billboard should be neat, not twisted and well painted.

- How accessible is this billboard?Do cars and people see this billboard regularly is another question you should ask? Some outdoor companies are more interested in just displaying the billboard rather than considering how accessible the billboard site is.

- What am I advertising? The brand or the campaign you are trying to promote also matters a lot on the kind of billboard you are choosing. For example, if you are promoting a toilet soap that is meant for the middle class and lower class, you can afford to advertise on a 40sheet billboard or a 48sheet billboard; but if your brand has been positioned as a premium brand, the class with the kind of billboard you are advertising on has to reflect that class. Furthermore, if most of your targeted audience will be people that are in the car or in the office for most of the day. Then you might have to consider either a super structure 48sheet billboard or a unipole billboard to reflect the class of your brand.

- What is the Population of the place? The population of where the billboard is located determines how many billboards will be positioned in that location. A local government area that has a population of about 2million people can not share one billboard if you expect everybody to see it. You might consider more billboards in that local government, that will cover the main entrances into the local government and major areas of the local government like, the market area, community centers, central churches, mosques etc.




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